New Program: Kirkland Research Scholarships

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Under the Kirkland Research Program, we offer short-term R&D internships for persons who already hold strong academic positions.

The candidates who are planning to return to their countries of origin after the scholarship program for the purpose of implementing the newly acquired knowledge therein are welcome to submit their applications.

The scholarship program is intended for the period from the middle of September till the end of January (1 semester). The elements common with the Kirkland Program include participation in the orientation and preparation program in September, held in two sessions for the grantees (December and January), and - optionally - in other classes and workshops organized for the grantees.

As part of the Kirkland Research, the grantees are obliged to participate in academic seminars and work individually under the supervision of their academic advisors to eventually write a diploma project. If the grantee's academic article is accepted for publishing by his/her academic supervisor and the grantee presents effects of his/her work during the meeting of the grantees in January, such grantee shall be entitled to obtain the Program graduation diploma.