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The Kirkland Program’s Alumni make up a group of almost 750 experts from nine countries:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine.

Our Alumni work in universities, local governments, social organizations, government insti-tutions, cultural institutions, the media, and business. The largest groups are made up of economists, lawyers, sociologists, ecologists, officials, business people, local government officials, and social activists. Currently the database provides information about 200 persons.





Daryna Popil (2013/2014) Ukraina

Daryna Popil foto maleFirst of all, the Kirkland Program is the opportunity to learn not only about the new country, people, and circumstances, but the ability to get acquainted with your new “me”. We are exploring our features, abilities, skills of communication and being a good friend. Kirkland also taught me to understand that your intellect is something great, but there are no limits in improving yourself and the world. 9 months of the Program is a symbolic period, because a lot of the new was born: new experience, impressions, knowledge, thoughts, new "me"...

Olga Irodenko (2011/2012) Ukraina

Irodenko1Kirkland program for me is unforgettable and already own a piece of my life ... New views on the world and life, opening many opportunities for self-development, the acquisition of vast experience and meet interesting people. Large family called Kirkland - friendship and mutual penetration of cultures and traditions, acquaintance with the charming Poland with amazing cities, rich  history, culture and very hospitable people are, warm emotions and feelings - all this will remain in the memory and in my heart for a lifetime.
Kirkland was for me an opportunity and inspiration to implement my plans and dreams.

Marianna Karakeyan (2011/2012) Armenia

Karakeyan 2The L. Kirkland Scholarship Program lifts the curtain separating the European and CIS countries. In completing this difficult mission you have the support of such extraordinary country as Poland with its centuries-old history and unique cultural traditions. Thanks to the knowledge and experience gained in Poland by your mentors – people deeply dedicated to their work – you will be able to perceive the world quite differently; to revaluate your values. Naturally you will meet outstanding personalities both from Poland and other countries and you will return to your homeland enriched with knowledge, impressions and love for everything related to the name of Lane Kirkland. Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program will change your life for the better, and you will be able to change for the better the world around you.

Valentyna Shevchenko (2011/12) Ukraina

Szewczenko1Kirkland changed my life fabulously! It helped me get in touch with many interesting people and obtain much information both of professional and universal character. During those 9 months each of us “grew up” and now we look at the world with “different” eyes. And the most important – Kirkland instilled into us the belief that the change is possible!!!

Gor Martirosyan (2011/12) Armenia

Martirosyan Gor1Kirkland surpassed my expectations! These 9 months were one of the happiest periods in my life. I became a much better man, friend and specialist. The results were soon to be seen. After returning to my country I have now great friends in various states, an excellent job and a beloved wife.

Liubou Krasnitskaya (2010/11) Białoruś

Krasnitskaya Wietnam 1During the program I was given a unique opportunity to meet the respected and honorable Polish lawyers, take part in national and international conferences on my research issues. The internship in organizations, studies at University in Poland and a successful defense of the final work which is to be written by every kirklandist gave me the right to be called an expert. Nowadays on the invitation of an international organization I share my knowledge and experience in the universities of Vietnam.

Yulia Zmuliukova (2007/08) Ukraina

Zmulikova02The Lane Kirkland Scholarship Program is an excellent chance for those willing to broaden their professional and cultural horizons. I would recommend the program as a great opportunity for networking, i.e.building useful contacts in social and academic spheres and raising your awareness of Polish culture, traditions and language.
Yulia Plotnikova (Zmulyukova), interpreter and translator of English and Polish and teacher of English,Kharkiv, Ukraine, alumnus 2007/8, Warsaw, University of Warsaw, Department of Journalism and Political Science.

Olena Shelest (2011/12) Ukraina

SzelestAfter the Program, I pursued a Ph.D. course at one of the best economic universities in Poland. On one hand, I do what I have been doing before – i.e. I teach classes, write articles, participate in conferences, do research – but on the other, a new dimension has been added. My activities are now more clearly oriented and independent, so they provide much more opportunities for self-development.

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