The questions  most frequently asked by candidates applying for the Kirkland scholarships
1. Is it possible for college seniors or those with a BA degree only to apply for the Kirkland Program?
NO. A formal requirement for participation at the Kirkland Program is a five year university diploma at the time of filing an application.

2. Is it obligatory for the candidate to have an MA degree?
It is obligatory to complete five years of study, for which the MA degree or the specialist degree is awarded.

3. Will I meet the formal criteria if I am awarded an MA degree by the end of the current academic year?
NO. The candidate should hold the diploma evidencing the relevant degree at the time of applying for the scholarship.

4. Do the candidates applying for the study program in English should know the Polish language as well?
YES. The candidates applying for the study programs in English should find a specific program in this language at one of the Polish universities and should know Polish at a basic level, i.e. be able to understand spoken and written Polish as well as be able to communicate in everyday life situations during their stay.

5. Where can I find information about universities and educational programs which they offer?
The information about the educational programs (also in English) can be found on websites of the Polish universities. Below are the names of the universities with which the Kirkland Program most often collaborates:

6. What should the "Program of Study" contain?
The program of study is a very important part of the application form and should include, among other things, the following information:

  • Main purpose of the scholarship program and its relevance to the candidate's previous experience
  • Proposed program and city of affiliation in Poland
  • Proposed type of professional internship and educational institution, where the candidate would like to pursue his/her internship
  • Significance of the scholarship project to the candidate's professional field, alma mater, country and professional (academic) career
  • Plans related to the completion of the proposed project. Required number of characters "program of study"- minimum 4 000, maximum - 6 000.


7. Is it necessary for the candidate to contact the chosen university when  filling out the application form?
At this stage direct communication between the candidate and the university is not required. In the application form, the candidate should indicate the institute, faculty and university, where it is possible to study the subjects chosen thereby.  The final decision about the city of affiliation of the selected candidate is taken by the Selection Committee at the end of June (the Committee may direct the selected candidate to another city of affiliation than the one indicated in the application form if it decides that it would be more beneficial for such candidate).

8. Are the documents confirming professional internship, e.g. a copy of the "employee handbook", required?
No certificates from the workplace are required. It is crucial to write the previous employments in an appropriate field of the application form. The authenticity of the information included in the form is confirmed by the candidate's signature.

9. Is student training considered professional experience?
YES, provided that it was full-time training, i.e. 40 hours per week. In such case, the Program may request for the attachment of documents confirming such student training in the required number of hours.

10. Is it necessary to fill out the form on-line? Is it possible to send the scanned documents via electronic mail?
It is absolutely necessary to fill out the form on-line in order to make the application valid. In case of any technical problems with the form, please contact us at: kirkland@kirkland.edu.pl

11. Is it necessary to send the documents by regular mail or is it enough to send them by e-mail only?
ONLY THE FIRST PAGE (confirmation of the on-line registration) containing the candidate's photograph and signature should be sent by regular mail.
The  letters of recommendation as well as a copy of the diploma should be scanned and sent via e-mail to the following address: kirkland@kirkland.edu.pl
It is important to send the documents in advance so that they reach the Program office by March 1, 2017. The Selection Committee shall examine only those applications that contain the full set of documents.

12. Does the confirmation of the registration sent by regular mail should reach the Program office by March 1 or does this deadline refer to other required documents?
The confirmation of the registration is one of the required documents and should reach the Program office by March 1.

13. Is it possible to study librarianship within the framework of the Kirkland Program?
Yes, but the librarianship is understood as management of library resources and use of the integrated library automation systems.
Some of the universities offering such study programs are as follows:

  • Institute of Information and Library Science of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow
  • Institute of Information and Library Science Pedagogical University of Cracow
  • Institute of Information and Library Science  UMCS in Lublin
  • Institute of Information and Book Studies of the University of Warsaw
  • Institute of Information and Library Science of the Wrocław University

14. Is it possible to study subjects other than those provided in the announcement within the framework of the Kirkland Program?
The main purpose of the Kirkland Program is to share Polish experiences in transformation, therefore, it is possible to study only these subjects that are related to system, political and economic transformation which were mentioned in the announcement.

15. Is it possible to send a letter of recommendation by e-mail?
The two required letters of recommendation should be scanned and sent with a copy of the diploma in the attachment to the following address: kirkland@kirkland.edu.pl. In case of any problems with the scanning of the documents, it is possible to send them by regular mail along with the required page confirming registration on-line.

Letter of recommendation FORM

16. Is the Kirkland Program a degree program?
The Kirkland Program offers a two-semester non-degree study program at universities aimed at expanding the candidate's knowledge with new experiences. None of the two-semester study programs provided by the Polish public universities offers a possibility of earning an academic degree. The Kirkland Program ends with a diploma of participation and it is of prestigious nature only.

17. Is it possible for the persons currently studying in Poland to apply for the participation in the Kirkland Program?
The persons who are studying in Poland during the Program selection process may apply for the Kirkland scholarships, however, the candidates who have not studied in Poland before have precedence.

18. In what language should the term papers and diploma projects be written?
The first term paper may be written in the language other than Polish, upon consent of the advisor, but the diploma project must be in Polish. The persons pursuing study programs in English, who write all their papers in English, are the exception.

19. What are the financial conditions of the Program?
The Program organizers offer the scholarships of approx. PLN 1,800 x 9 months. Additionally, the following costs are covered: educational fees, accommodation in Poland, insurance, travel to and from Poland.

20. How does the selection process look like?
The selection process consists of three stages:
Stage 1 - formal assessment of applications (checking if all candidates meet the eligibility criteria)
Stage 2 - substantive assessment of application (experts from such fields as: economics, law, political science, social science, etc. assess the documents sent by a given candidate; what is especially important is the program of study. The candidates that have been positively evaluated are invited for the interviews. The persons who qualified to the 3rd stage are informed thereof via e-mail in the second half of March.
Stage 3 - interviews (organized in the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the majority of countries listed in the announcement). The interviews are set from April 01 to April 30, 2017.
The information on the final results of the selection process is sent via e-mail in June 2017.

21. How should I fill out the application form on-line?
The application form does not need to be filled out in whole at one time. It is possible to do it in several phases by saving and supplementing the draft version:

  • enter your details in the form
  • save the draft (you should write down a special code that will allow you to re-open the draft version later)
  • in order to supplement your data, open the draft version and edit the form
  • after careful verification of your details, register the form and send the application to the Commission (option "Register Form" at the bottom of the document); after this procedure, the data may not be changed). If the program of study does not have at least 4,000 characters, including spaces, it will not be possible to register the form; if all the required fields are not completed, it also will not be possible to register the form. If a question is not applicable to the candidate, please write "Not Applicable".
  • after registering the form, a PDF file will open, ready for print; print the form, sign it and send it by regular mail.


22. How can I contact the Program Officer in case of any queries?
The Program Officer may be contacted by  
- e-mail: kirkland@kirkland.edu.pl
- Facebook: www.facebook.com/LKscholarships.in.Poland